Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) 10 H

Daily Grammar Practice Instruction Summary

Every week students will analyze a new sentence to learn the principles of grammar and mechanics. The sentences are in the daily grammar packet and will be posted here each week. Before coming to class, the students are expected to accomplish a task using the sentence assigned for the week. The tasks are:

Monday- find the part of speech for each word in the sentence

Tuesday-identify the parts of the sentence

Wednesday-identify clauses and the type of sentence

Thursday-capitalization and punctuation

Friday-diagram the sentence

Sentences will be checked daily and points will be given according to the number of tasks completed each week.

DGP Help Notes


Sentence 1: go often to the house of thy friend for weeds choke the unused path

Sentence 2: passepartout had a moist sensation about the eyes his masters action touched his susceptible heart

Sentence 3: she stood by the window and looked out dully at a gray cat walking a gray fence in a gray backyard

Sentence 4: well this is the most extraordinary thing that i ever knew exclaimed the laird (Use dialogue portion only for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:)

Sentence 5: could i enter into a festival with this deadly weight yet hanging round my neck and bowing me to the ground

Sentence 6: send holly and me a postcard when youre visiting william faulkners house in oxford mississippi

Sentence 7: when the newly married pair came home the first person who appeared to offer his congratulations was sydney carton

Sentence 8: arthur miller who was born on october 17 1915 in new york city new york wrote the play the crucible

Sentence 9: but he found that a travelers life is one that includes much pain amidst its enjoyments

Sentence 10: how dreadful is the state of those that are daily and hourly in the danger of this great wrath and infinite misery

Sentence 11: if you consent neither you nor any other human being shall ever see us again i will go to the vast wilds of south america

Sentence 12: aye said the laird to himself here is something very attractive indeed          (Use dialogue portion only for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:)

Sentence 13: how can i see so noble a creature destroyed by misery without feeling the most poignant grief

Sentence 14: no one can deny his being a noble hearted young fellow

Sentence 15: it is a far far better thing that i do than i have ever done it is a far far better rest that i go to than i have ever known

Sentence 16: the description he gave me perfectly corresponds with the features and character of the man before us

Sentence 17: take care of your chest and voice my good friend and leave the law to take care of itself

Sentence 18: when i went there she was a pious warm and tender hearted woman

Sentence 19: you talk like a noodle my friend said caderousse and here is danglars who is a wide awake clever deep fellow who will prove to you that you are wrong
(Use dialogue portion only for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:)

Sentence 20: what proof have i that all you have been telling me is true 

Sentence 21: were reading both dream deferred and mother to son poems by langston hughes then well read the novel the catcher in the rye

Sentence 22: this was an extensive and magnificent structure the creation of the princes own eccentric yet august taste

Sentence 23: i try in vain to be persuaded that the pole is the seat of frost and desolation it ever presents itself to my imagination as the region of beauty and delight

Sentence 24: mr kenneth was fortunately just issuing from his house to see a patient in the village as i came up the street and my account of catherine lintons malady induced him to accompany me back immediately

Sentence 25: there are however some painful exceptions to this rule

Sentence 26: when he was thirsty and there was a thick scum of ice over the water hole he would break it by rearing and striking it with stiff forelegs

Sentence 27: his words were in perfect keeping with his looks and his looks were in perfect keeping with his words

Sentence 28: his father an ineffectual inarticulate man with a taste for byron and a habit of drowsing over the encyclopaedia britannica grew wealthy at thirty through the death of two elder brothers successful chicago brokers 

Sentence 29: neither of the girls was given her own copy of ernest hemingways short story now i lay me

Sentence 30: through my fathers exertions a part of the inheritance of elizabeth had been restored to her by the austrian government

Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) is a grammar instruction program developed by Dawn Burnette of DGP Publishing. This information is posted for use by Mrs. Lallatin's English classes.