Intensive Chemistry

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Intensive Chemistry Policies/Expectations


50% Tests/Quizzes/Lab/Projects 20% Participation 30% In Classwork/Homework


Tests, projects and lab are a significant part of the student’s grade. Tests, labs and projects are equally weighted equally, however there will be more tests than projects.  Projects are expected to be completed outside of class, mostly.  Project and Lab due dates will be upheld, late projects and Labs will be penalized 10% per day late (including non-school days, i.e. weekends).

Class Participation

All students are expected to actively and constructively participate in class.  Participation involves asking and answering questions on a daily basis (even if you are not sure if the answer is correct), working collaboratively with classmates on labs, projects and presentations, helping to clean up after class activities, and following policies and expectations.  

4 pts - Consistently on task, appropriate language/conversations, appropriate behavior, put electronic devices away

3 pts - 3 items listed above 2 pts - 2 items listed above 1 pts - 1 item above 0 pts - 0 items above

In Classwork/Homework

Homework will be as needed, sometimes more than once a week, to monitor the students’ comprehension of videos, independent reading assignments, and in classwork, assignments. Students will have to complete assignments during their own time as homework.  All assignments and due dates will be announced and reminders will be posted in Google Classroom (, you will need to sign into your school account to access the google classroom.  Homework late will receive a 25% penalty.  Work not turned in or completed on the day and period it is due will receive will receive a 25% penalty.


You are responsible for making up work and obtaining class notes you miss if you are absent.  Work due the day you were out is due the day you return.  One day of make-up is allowed for each day missed.  Tests or project presentations missed will be given the day you return, per the Student Handbook found on the THS website. You will be notified of a test or major project due date well in advance.  If you are absent the day before a test or project due date, you will take the test/submit the project as scheduled. [The district attendance policy allows only 6 absences per semester (12 total for the year).  You will be required to make-up any absence over the limit in Attendance School after school in the cafeteria with attendance coordinator (stop into SPO for more information)].

Extra Help

Please take advantage of extra help whenever you need it after school Monday, or by appointment.

Classroom Policies/Rules

T ake Responsibility

H ave Respect

S trive for Excellence

Students are expected to live up to the mission and expectations of Taconic High School.

• Passes will not be issued.  Once you are in class, you will not be excused to go to the restroom, your locker, the drinking fountain, etc.  Plan ahead.

Food is not permitted.  Drinks are permitted as long as they are in closed containers.

• Plagiarism or cheating in any form is strictly prohibited.

• Cell phones, ipods, hand-held game devices, etc. are prohibited unless explicit Ms. Meier grants permission.

Please fill-out the section on the Agreement/Reference Sheet and return to Ms. Meier, this is a quiz grade will depreciate by 10% in 7 days!