Training/ Skills You will Learn
  • Machinist

  • Quality control & Inspection

  • CNC Operator

  • Mold Maker

  • CNC Programmer

  • CNC Set-up technician

  • Machine repair technician

  • Research and Development

  • Jig & Fixture Maker

  • Tool & Die Maker

  • Entrepreneur / Inventor


The Advanced Manufacturing Department is a finely tuned program that prepares students to work in the modern, high tech field of manufacturing. Students will learn and practice the basic fundamentals of manufacturing. Students are instructed in the utilization and care of bench tools, inspection instruments, metal cutting lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, and grinders.

Upon learning these basics, students shall be instructed in the more technologically modern aspect of computerized manufacturing, including the operation of modern, highly sophisticated computer numerical controlled (CNC) machinery.

Students will also train on industry-standard computer software: MasterCam and SolidWorks.

All aspects of the shop prepare the graduate with skills and knowledge to enter the manufacturing workforce or pursue post-secondary education.

Program Breakdown by Grade Level

Career Opportunities

With a High School Degree Machinist Salaries: $35,000 per year

With a 2 Year College Degree Mechanical Engineering Technician Salaries: $53,700 per year

With a 4 Year College Degree Manufacturing Technician Salaries: $61,000+ per year