Honors 10 Vocabulary
There will be a new vocabulary assignment approximately every two weeks. Words  from current reading assignments or with Latin and Greek roots will be given out on Monday, the homework will be due on Friday.  The homework will be returned on the following Monday and the quiz will be given on the Friday after the homework is returned. A homework worksheet can be downloaded from the link below.

Vocabulary Worksheet

List 10  List 11  List 12
 Homework due: 5/24/19   Homework due:   Homework due:
 Quiz date: 5/31/19   Quiz date:   Quiz date:

List 7  List 8  List 9
 Homework due: 3/1/19   Homework due: 3/15/19   Homework due: 4/26/19 
 Quiz date: 3/8/19  Quiz date: 3/22/19  Quiz date: 5/3/19
 desolate homage  abhor 
 facile  insolent  choler
 fulsome  consecrate citadel
 perdition  defunct   conjuration
 bestial  warrant (as a verb)  egregious
 guileless  carnal  impediment
 malice  dilatory  importune
 mitigate  surfeit(ed)  infirmity
 mutinous  entreat  lascivious
 odious  ruminate  pestilence
 palpable  prevaricate  sanctimony
 paradoxical  fatuous  promulgate

List 4  List 5  List 6
 Homework due: 11/30/18   Homework due:1/11/19   Homework due: 2/8/19
 Quiz date: 12/6/19  Quiz date: 1/18/19  Quiz date: 2/15/19
 allusion  venomous  aesthetic
 ambiguity  mausoleum  convolution
 jargon  cataract (not eyes)  pedant
 sarcasm  proboscis  liquefaction
 subjectivity  proclivity  scapegoat
 evaluate  cadence poignant
 interpret  suffuse  metropolis
 synthesize  mediocre   certitude
 abridge  insidious  verbiage
 extrapolate  filigree  cartographer
 adapt  diaphanous  ballistics
 scrutinize  plummet  luminescent

List 1  List 2  List 3
 Homework due: 9/7/18  Homework due: 9/21/18  Homework due: 10/19/18
 Quiz date: 9/14/18  Quiz date: 9/28/18  Quiz date: 10/26/18
 ethos  abstract opulent
 pathos  adamant vicissitudes
 logos   amiable assiduous
 rhetoric   candor rectify
 tone  cavalier genial
 context   egocentric  deleterious
 connotation   fastidious  recompense
 pejorative  heinous  salutation
 diction  obsequious  imperturbable
 syntax  sycophant  pertinacity
 denotation  taciturn  fervor
 defenestrate  vociferous  connoisseur