Qtr. 2 - 2015-2016

9  Journal: Define "Vulnerable." What are three things about you or in your life that make you vulnerable?

* Read and Analyze - TLC:  Chapter 6 - "A Letter from a Birmingham Jail" by M.L. King Jr. on pgs. 281-294 -- Put work in Homework/Classwork folder

- List  (3) appositives
- List (3) Metaphors
- List (5) types of Strategies (think evidence types)(list by strategy and paragraph #)
- List 10 vocabulary words that you do not know

10 Journal: What contemporary issue effects you intensely enough that you would protest against or advocate a change?  Explain what the issue is and why it effects you personally.


11  No School Veterans Day

12  Journal: Do you believe in and practice Egalitarianism,which is believing in the principle that all people are equal anddeserve equal rights and opportunities. Why or Why not?

* Chunk section of text with a partner (in class)

Homework:Read TLC - Parallel Structure/Parallelism and find 6 examples ofParallel Structure (2-words; 2-phrases; and 2-Clauses)  in "A LetterFrom a Birmingham Jail" by M.L. King Jr.

13  Journal: When does a girl become a woman?

* Review Homework on Parallel Structure

In groups - Find 10 examples of Parallel Structure in "A Letter From A Birmingham

Homework - Write a rhetorical analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "A Letter From A Birmingham Jail"  using the template shared with you. Submit through Google Classroom.

16  Journal: Finish this thought: Religion is...

Review Rhetorical Analysis Introductory Paragraphs

* Analyze sample introductory rhetorical analysis paragraph

* compare your paragraph to the sample

17 Journal: Do you like to be alone? Why or why not?

Rewrite (benchmark) Introductory paragraph of (2012 Rhetorical Analysis)  Florence Kelly's speech against child labor laws using the templates provided

Homework for Thursday: Read TLC; Chapter 6, "Where I Lived, and What I lived for" byHenry David Thoreau   Assignments: SOAPStone/ (3) Rhetorical Strategies

18  awww yeah!!! It's Word Wednesday!!! 

Liz Davis' Verbs List

19 Journal: What is the purpose of your life?

* Syntax and Diction Analysis

20 Journal: Would you rather make $50,000 a year and spend most of your time with your family or make $150,000 a year and only see your family on weekends.

 * Syntax Analysis

23 Journal: What is Thanksgiving? Why do we we celebrate it?

*Syntax Analysis of Last paragraph on Page 298 (begins with "For my part..."
You are to analyze each sentence in the paragraph.

a.) Number and Types of Sentences
b.) List of number and type of punctuation used in the paragraph
c.) All Rhetorical Devices (schemes and tropes)
d.) All Rhetorical Strategies

24 Journal: Braves United Day

25-27  Thanksgiving Break 


30 Journal: Define Charity. Is Charity beneficial to society?

Homework/Classwork Folder

* Read TLC, pg. 361 "From The Gospel of Wealth" by Andrew Carnegie
      - SOAPSTONE and 2 rhetorical strategies
* Read TLC, pg 365 "From Lifeboat Ethics" by Garrett Hardin 
      - SOAPSTONE and 2 rhetorical strategies

1 Journal: Describe Water

Read about  That versus Which, restrictive and non-restrictive clauses
Discuss Syntax Analysis

2  Word Wednesday!!

3 Journal: What is the American Dream? Does it still exist?

- Working on Rhetorical Analysis Introductory paragraph and 1st Body paragraph

4 Journal: Should U.S. government reform gun laws in order to make a safer society?

 * Working on Rhetorical Analysis Introductory paragraph and 1st Body paragraph

**Submit to Google Classroom

7 Journal: Describe the different parts of a restaurant. Think of a restaurant as a system made up of parts that create the whole.

* Submit Intro. and 1st Body paragraph into Google Classroom
* Write Body paragraph 2

Homework: Read TLC - pgs.  394-401 "Serving in Florida" by Barbara Ehrenreich
SOAPSTONE; Appositives; Parallel Structure; Parenthesis

8 Journal: Compare/Contrast two people that you know. (10 minutes)

* Review Homework (15-20 minutes)

* Rhetorical Analysis of Florence Kelley Speech (15-20)

Homework for Thursday: Read/Study about Rhetorical Modes  - http://www.tc.umn.edu/~jewel001/CollegeWriting/START/Modes.htm  (Writingforcollege.org)

9   Word Wednesday!!!

10 Journal: Why is a captain expected to "go down with the ship" ?

*Rhetorical Modes Assignment - See Google Classroom

11 Journal: Cause and Effect - effects of current terrorism in  society

 14  extended Journal: Paragraph 1 - Write an Extended Definition of cigarette; Paragraph 2 - Cause and Effect on Cigarettes; Paragraph 3 - Narrative about someone who smokes/smoked (The narrative should illustrate the cause and effect)

Homework: Read TLC - pgs. 413-416, From The Roots of Honor - * assignment - SOAPSTONE

15 Journal: Prior to writing, we will meditate for 5 minutes while listening to ocean surf. Then, we free write for 10-20 minutes.

* Discussion on Homework: Ruskin's excerpt from The Roots of Honor

Homework for Thursday: Read TLC; pgs. 478-481 from The Dependence Effect by John Galbraith

Assignment - SOAPSTone and Define "The Dependence Effect"

16 Word Wednesday!!!

17 Journal: Who is a person that Exemplifies justice

18 Journal: Cause and Effect - effects of sleep deprivation


21 Journal:

22 Journal:

December 23-3 Winter Break


4 Journal: Define "inspiration." What inspires you to succeed in Education?

2009 AP exam free response question - Argument Essay Analysis

* Thesis Statement

* Evidence-based body paragraph

Homework: Score your Multiple Choice test Answer Sheet that was shared via Google Docs.

5 Journal: Does taking pictures of special moments devalue the special moment by being emotional uninvolved or do the picture add value by memorializing the moment.

* Evidence-based  Body Paragraph Analysis

6  - 1st Word Wednesday of 2016

Test on Friday!! Courteous; Culture; Community; Galvanize; Cultivate; Diplomatic; Establish; Maintain; Revise; Eliminate; Honor; Code; Integrity; Cheating; Plagiarism; Sanctions; Polite; Candor; Valve; Function; Principles; Violence; Advocate


7 Journal: 2014 Synthesis Question #1

8 Journal: Vocabulary Test!



11 Journal: Creative Writing -  Ghost and Birthday

- Hand in Vocabulary Take-home Test

Synthesis Research Project -

> Read Directions together- Discussion and Questions
>   Choose Topic
>   Research Topic
> Create Arguable claim about the topic

12 Journal: Creative Writing - Jealousy and Vampires

SRP - Topic Approved for Project

*Begin Research

13  Word Wednesday!!!

14 Journal: A person in professional Disgrace + a bumper sticker with excellent advice

15 Journal: Party Goer + The one that got away



18 Journal:

19 Journal:


21 Journal:

22 Journal:


25 Journal:

26 Journal:


28 Journal:

29 Journal: