Qtr. 1 - Unit 1 - 15/16







1  Half Day

2  Handout Journals; Folders/Files; AP Exam Format lesson

* Daily Journal: Describe a class that you believe should be taught in school. Explain your reasons why the class should be offered. At least one journal page.

3  Pop Quiz on Exam Format; Basic Syntax (Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex) 

* Daily Journal: Describe an Avocado to someone that has never seen one. (think- 5 senses and as along as it needs to be.)


 Benchmark AP Language and Composition Exam Week

7   No School - Labor Day

8  Multiple Choice

9 Argument Essay

10 Rhetorical Analysis Essay

11 Synthesis Essay

This week we will begin using texts in The Language of Composition as a model to inform your own writing and build your knowledge base on subjects previously undiscovered or unexamined. 

14    Review of Sentence Structures and Patterns

a) Journal (10 min.) - Should education be competitive among students? Why or Why not? Support your claim with multiple pieces of evidence (at least one page).

b) Sentence Structures Review - Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex

c) Write out one of each (not in your journal)
d) Lesson on Rhetoric, Rhetorical Situation, Rhetorical Triangle, SOAPSTONE

Homework - READ/Takenotes - The Language of Composition - Pages 1-7 (Rhetoric, Rhetorical Situation (OCP), Rhetorical Triangle, SOAPSTONE); Full Class Discussion on Topics for clarification (Participation);


a) Journal (10m): Education is...

b) SOAPSTONE Exercise in TLC - Page 6 (President G. W. Bush 9/11 Speech)

c) Sentence Practice: Write 3 Compound Sentences Using three different Coordinating Conjunctions


16  Word Wednesday (Roots/prefixes; alliteration, consonance, assonance)

Journal: What are the behaviors and practices of good and bad teachers?


Journal: Michel Montaigne (1533-1592) claimed, "Make your education laws strict and your criminal ones can be gentle, but if you give youth its liberty, you will have to dig dungeons for ages" What does this mean? Do you agree?

* Discussion/Review content of reading

* Introduction to What-How-Why Chart using President G.W. Bush's 9/11 Speech

* Homework: Read "Superman and Me" by Sherman Alexie Analyze using SOAPSTONE and a What-How-Why chart


* Journal: How is School like prison?

* Discussion

* Analysis of "Superman and Me" (Homework Check)

21     * Journal: How can education liberate a student?

* The Language of Composition Subordination in Complex Sentences-  pages 1124-1129 Exercises 1 and 2

* Homework - TLC (pgs 176-186)  Analyze "I Know Why The Caged Bird Cannot Read" by Francine Prose using SOAPSTONE and Rhetorical Analysis (What-How-Why Chart)

22     Journal: What is your favorite book that you read in school? What made the book your favorite?

* Collect Homework/Classwork and Information Sharing (IPADs, Test Date, Book to Word Day)

* SOAPSTONE and Rhetorical Analysis of "I Know Why The Cage Bird Cannot Read" by Francine Prose

23     Word Wednesday - Diction Day 

No Journal

* Make/Construct Vocabulary Test using these words - moribund, scant, idiosyncrasy, appalled, dismal,

* Homework - Read and Annotate the 2011 Form B Scoring Guide, Student Sample Essays, Scoring Commentary, and your own benchmark essay 

24    Journal: Define "Freedom" and give evidence to support/illustrate your definition

* Discussion

* Identify Thesis Statements in 2011 Form B Argument Sample Essays and your own

* Begin to discuss and identify the arrangement of body paragraphs in order to support your thesis statement (review sample essays)

​Homework for Monday: Read TLC Pages 81-96 on types of claims and Thesis Statements

25     Half Day(1,3,5,7)


28     Journal: Which is more important to a society: A garbage man or a doctor?

Assess the Thesis Statements on 2011 Form B Argument Sample Essay (and your own).
Are they Claims of fact, value, or policy? Are they Open or Closed Theses?

Homework: Study for Rhetoric and Sentence Test

Homework for Thursday - Read The Language of Composition, Pgs.  97-108 on Presenting Evidence

29     Rhetoric and Sentence Test; Review of Thesis Statements

30      Word Day!


1       *Journal: Should the government limit the amount an individual person can inherit?​ 

* Review Presenting Evidence from The Language of Composition


2    Half Day



5     Journal: Write about a time when you observed or experienced fear. Use diction that supports the tone of fear.

6     Journal: Write about your average day, include all the things you do in a day.

7    Word Day!    Create Multiple Choice questions using the PSAT format for vocabulary in Context (5 questions). You are to use the essay in TLC, "This is water" by David Foster Wallace 

8    Journal: Write about "Loyalty" using these words from the Tier 2 (Academic Word List)     Individual - Benefit -Interpretation - Method

* Review and Collect: SOAPSTone -  on Education by Ralph Waldo Emerson

* Survey class for Saturday Session Attendance on October 17.

9    Journal: Pep Rallies are a waste of academic time, the real reason we are in school. Write a letter to the principal convincing him that we should keep Pep rallies as part of our school culture.

   * PSAT practice test - Writing and Language Test on Page 22 -

Homework for Tuesday: Activity on Claims - Page 92 (Felons right to vote) and  Activity on Thesis Statements - Page 96-97 

12    Colimbus Day! No School

13     Journal: List three topics that you can speak informedly and intelligibly intelligibly about with a stranger interested in the same topic.

        * Review Homework on Claims and Theses (Test Prep.)

        Test Preparation - Types of Claims (85-94), Thesis Statements (95-97), Evidence and Fallacies (97-111),  Appositives (269-276) , compound and complex sentences (handout)

Homework: Activity on Logical Fallacies (Page 109);  List Evidence Types and provide an example for each

14   PSAT periods 1-4   ???

Homework: Study for test

15       TEST CANCELED - rescheduled for Thursday, October 22, 2015

Test on Claims, Theses, Evidence, Fallacies, Appositives, Compound and Complex Sentences.   

Test Preparation - Types of Claims (85-94), Thesis Statements (95-97),Evidence and Fallacies (97-111),  Appositives (269-276) , compound and complex sentences (handout)

Homework for Monday - Read - The Language of Composition - Shaping an Argument: The Classic Oration on pages 111-115 pay close attention to the example on page 112 "Not by Math Alone" by Sandra Day O'Connor

16    Half Day



*Journal -  Imagine all electricity has turned off - How would our lives change?

*Assignment - Read - The Language of Composition - Shaping anArgument: The Classic Oration on pages 111-115 pay close attention tothe example on page 112 "Not by Math Alone" by Sandra Day O'Connor

*Assignments: Read and take notes on TLC - Induction and Deduction (115-125)



* Study for Test on Thursday

21  Word Wednesday!! No Journal

22    TEST DAY!!!!!        Test Preparation - Types of Claims (85-94), Thesis Statements(95-97), Evidence and Fallacies (97-111),  Appositives (269-276) ,compound and complex sentences (handout)

23    No journal

Review Test -by using the 2011 Argument Prompt and Sample Essay (score = 9)

Read Prompts, make a claim/Thesis Statement, Outline three pieces of evidence to support/uphold your claim

Homework: write a complete essay following your claim and evidences


26    Journal: None

Lesson: * Review Homework - The Language of Composition - Shaping an Argument: The Classic Orationon pages 111-115 pay close attention to the example on page 112 "Not byMath Alone" by Sandra Day O'Connor

27    Journal:



28     Journal: None

* Assignment: Write 500 word narrative on a special event in your life (Google Classroom)

29     Journal: What role will robots play in future life?

* Lesson on Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Assignment - create a line of reasoning on any topic * reformat in to a paragraph *put in your argument folder

30   Half Day - * Research Current Events * Read an Article * Write a one paragraph Summary * Put in argument folder






2  Journal: What was the best Halloween costume you saw this year? Why?

* Reread TLC pgs. 125-130 on Toulmin Model
*Analyze Shared Google Document (Toulmin Model for Argument)

Classwork/Homework (for Wednesday) -

 *Do Activity on 130-131 using "Star Wars" by Roger Ebert on Pg. 88

* Using the Toulmin Model Paragraph found on the Shared Google Document - Toulmin Model for Argument - create a paragraph on any topic you wish.

* Create a study sheet with with elements/characteristics of each part of the Classic Oration

3   No School for Students

4    Journal:

5    Journal:

6    Test on Classic Oration (111-115), Induction and Deduction (115-125),Toulmin Model (125-131) Compound and Complex Sentences