Sentence Diagramming

                           Sentence Diagramming 2017-2018

Subjects and verbs

Birds were singing.
I will wait.   

Katie had been running.                      

Alan should be sleeping.                   

Someone called.              

Definite and Indefinite Articles

The cats had been sleeping.   

A storm could be approaching.                     

An octopus was hiding.    


We are neighbors.    

The girls are becoming friends.     
Susan was a musician.   
Taylor Swift is a singer.    
I could be a lifeguard.    

Attributive Adjectives

Kelly was a strong swimmer.
A tiny seed can be a huge tree.
Pikes Peak is a famous mountain.

Predicate Adjectives

The wicked witch was ugly. 

The garden looks great.

We will be hungry.

Possessive Pronouns

That laptop is mine.      
Ours is a Toyota.     

The black jacket is mine.      

Direct Objects

Her brother had a sore throat.

The inexperienced pilot made a smooth landing.     
His favorite movie is Nemo.     

My friends have visited many great places.     


Do you have a dollar?     
Are you a doctor?   
Would your friend like some cake?    
Does our brother play football?    
He does not speak carefully.    

She should write more often.     
Does the coffee taste too strong?    
The very steep hill was quite slippery.
The sensitive child talks too softly.     


Don't drop the ball.     

Drive carefully.     

Tues  10/27 - Put the table there.      

Prepositional Phrases that modify Verbs

My Dad put the pumpkin on the porch.

Is Nick going to school tomorrow.      

In my dream I walked into a very large room.    

Can you hit the nail with a hammer?

Put the tickets in your purse.   

The couple carried their suitcases into the airport.    

Nouns used as Adjectives

My book review is lying on the table.     

The county champion shared her prize cake with her friends.

Our team won the holiday volleyball tournament.  

The basketball fans  are recovering after a miserable 
                   weekend trip. 

Direct Address

Girls, don't sit on the ground.  

Boys, you are making too much noise.   

Bob, show the pictures to your grandmother.   

Don't go into that old building, guys.  

Tom, did you call your mother after school?  

Are you writing on the desk, Sarah?   

Dad, can you help me with my homework? 

Prepositions Phrases that modify Nouns

The large box under the bridge is his home.

Most people really liked the picture on the cover.   

Most of the students did well on the first part of the test.

Several passengers on the small boat became seasick.  

Brendon, do you know the weight of a gallon of water?     


For many years, the Patriots have had the same quarterback, 
                    Tom Brady.    

My cousin John should arrive at my house this afternoon.   

Her brother, Chris, is sitting in the front of the canoe.

Missy Baker, a fourth grader, can throw a baseball from 
                        center field to home plate.  

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United 
                   States, wrote The Gettysburg Address.  


Hey, wait for me!  

Oh no! You lost Dad's keys!  

Good grief, Sally, you ate the three pieces of cake!   

Oh Timothy, come with us!  

For Pete's sake, he can't do anything!  

Well, Mrs. Brown, did the new employee really put the 
                      women's jeans in the potato chip isle?  

Wow, Santa is real!  

Possessive Nouns

You will find boys' clothes in the back of the store.  

We gave the books to Jake's cousin.  

From the moon our earth's surface appears smooth.  

Becky's older sister is going to a very big university.  

I like the aquarium in our doctor's office.  

Interrogative Adverbs and Adjectives

Where do you live?  

Which DVDs do you like best?  

When did Katherine move to Florida? 

Why are we going to the game?  

Why does it rain so much in Seattle?    

Why have scientists not found a cure for the common cold?

Mom, which shirt did I wear to school yesterday?  

Which candle would look best on our kitchen table?    

How can a tine hummingbird find its way from Alaska to Mexico?   

Interrogative Pronouns   

Who said that?

What did Mrs. Davis want?   

Whose hat is that

What is making that awful noise?

Which of the two problems is harder?

Indirect Objects

Jennifer offered me twenty five dollars for my old bicycle.      

That waitress never offers anyone a glass of water.     

I wouldn't give him a penny for that piece of junk.      

The teacher told the class an interesting story.       

Mrs. Green handed an employee her grocery list.      

Objective Complements

They call him Chuck. 

Your comment made me angry.     

They elected her president.    

Your opinions are driving me crazy.   

The cool temperatures turned the leaves on the tree in my front 
                 yard yellow.     

Coordinating Conjunctions

Anne and Ericka are friends.   

You can go with Joe and me.   

Good food and proper exercise make people healthy.   

Most people in the auditorium were talking and laughing during 
                      the show.   

The foreign visitors can stay with either the Johnsons or the Browns.   

Coordinating Conjunctions (2) 

The experienced climber reached the top quickly and easily.   

Quietly and nervously they turned the key and entered the 

The Johnsons will stay two days in Munich and then travel to 
                    Salzburg and Vienna.     

They left the stadium with disappointment but without 

The cub scouts have been collecting used furniture and clothing 
               every morning and afternoon this week.     

Adverbial Adjectives

They arrive late every morning.    

My friends and I will organize a baseball team next year.    

We will do it your way this time.   

The old people sat and talked all afternoon.  

Friday evening some friends and I went to a great restaurant.