Class/Homework Information

The Science and Engineering Academy class explores different STEM topics. Students participating in the class will work through a science fair worthy project, the students are required to participate in the Pittsfield District Innovation and Science Fair with opportunities to compete at the regional and state level Science Fair!


Introduction to Science and Engineering

Taconic High School

Teacher: Mrs. Meier

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 448-9669



This course will afford students the opportunity to participate in an introductory experience in which they become acquainted with the Science and Engineering Academy.  Students will acquire skills needed for scientific research, problem solving, and presentation.  These skills will be developed through team building activities, experimental projects, and career exploration.  Students will be expected to participate in a group or an individual Science Fair project and competition(s).  The course is divided into thematic units.  Within each unit several interdisciplinary topics will be explored.  Scientific topics are chosen based upon high interest areas where coverage is not mandated by the state science frameworks.  Length of each unit is determined by student interest in the topic.



•  Pens (blue or black ink), pencils

•  Notebook/Folder

•  Composition book (MUST HAVE for Sci Fair)

•  USB drive (optional, highly recommend for back-up)

Grading Policy

   40% Tests/Projects       

   25% Quizzes/Homework      

   35% Class Participation/Class Work

Science Fair

Students are required to participate in Taconic’s local science fair in February.  Winners of the local fair will continue on to represent Taconic at the regional fair in March at MCLA.  Students will be permitted to work in pairs.  The project will begin in September and continue until February, continuing student may find themselves work on their science fair project through April. Expected weekly time commitment will be 5-7 hours, this is highly dependent on your topic and you may spend more time than the 5-7 hours per week. Introductions to Science Fair begin in September.  Students MUST be on board to work diligently, thoughtfully and with conscientious effort. Adhering to the given due dates is a must, there will be project progress deadlines and grading will reflect a penalty per day late grade reduction.


Projects and tests are a significant part of the student’s grade.  Students will be engaged in project-based units throughout the year, some will run concurrent with science fair work.  Students will be required to give oral presentations that may or may not utilize computer technology and/or model building and design work, late projects will result in a 10% per day late reduction.  Tests may be given at the end of each major unit in addition to or in place of a project.


Short quizzes will be given from time to time to monitor student’s comprehension of videos, independent reading assignments, and/or content that requires memorization.  Additionally, students will likely have to research material or complete assignments during their own time as homework.  All assignments and due dates will assigned through google classroom,, with regular updates the class website. Please check these assignment areas frequently. Late homework will not be accepted.  Work not turned in on the day and period it is due will receive a zero grade.

Class Participation/Class Work

All students are expected to actively and constructively participate in class.  Participation involves asking and answering questions on a daily basis (even if you are not sure if the answer is correct), working collaboratively with classmates on projects and presentations, helping to clean up after class activities, and Dressing for Success on the first Thursday of every month or when required by the SEA academy.  Participation grading will also include their class Behavior, Electronics, and Tardiness. It is expected that students follow the classroom policy of behaving appropriate, no electronics unless explicitly directed--a visual notice will be on the board, and timeliness to class. More information on classroom behavior and tardiness can be found in the student handbook found on the THS website.

Group Work

You will be working in small groups for many of your assignments.  You all have strengths in different areas and you can help each other by working together.  I will be choosing the groups and you will also be permitted to choose your own groups depending on the assignment. Student grades on group work is grades as a whole, including teacher observations and peer evaluations. Individual student grades may not be identical in a single group, each student will be accountable for their own contribution.


You are responsible for making up work and obtaining class notes you miss if you are absent.  Work due the day you were out is due the day you return. One day of make-up is allowed for assignments given while absent. For example, Sally SEA was absent on Wednesday when a written summary was assigned and due Thursday. Sally SEA returns to school on Thursday, her assignment will be due Friday.  Tests or project presentations missed will be given the day you return, per the Student Handbook found on the THS website.

You will be notified of a test or major project due date well in advance.  If you are absent the day before a test or project due date, you will take the test/submit the project as scheduled--you are responsible for finding out what missed information was given while absent.

The district attendance policy allows only 6 absences per semester (12 total for the year).  You will be required to make-up any absence over the limit in Attendance School after school in the cafeteria with Mrs. Mancari (stop into SPO for more information).

Extra Help

Please take advantage of extra help whenever you need it after school Monday, or by appointment.

Classroom Policies/Rules

• Show respect for all people and classroom property.  Disrespectful/disruptive behavior is not acceptable.

• Come to class on time and prepared everyday.  

• Passes will not be issued.  Once you are in class, you will not be excused to go to the restroom, your locker, the drinking fountain, etc.  Plan ahead.

• Tardies 10 minutes or greater will be reported to SPO as a class cut, per the student handbook found on the THS website.

Food is not permitted.  Drinks are permitted as long as they are in closed containers.

• Plagiarism or cheating in any form is strictly prohibited, resulting in loss of assignment credit.

• Cell phones, ipods, hand-held game devices, etc. are prohibited unless Mrs. Meier grants explicit permission.

• Foul language will not be tolerated.

• Students are expected to live up to the mission and expectations of Taconic High School.