Journal Prompts

                                 Journal Prompts 2017-2018

Quarter One (45 entries)

8/31 - What do you think you would do in High School or in life if you
                   new you could not fail.
9/1 - What was the best thing you did over the summer.

9/5 - Describe a leader that you know.  It could be your mother, father,
                coach or even the President.

9/6 -Describe one of the most important lesson you have learned in
                  life. Was if from a movie, a book, your parents, a friend?

9/7 - Describe your favorite TV show.  Why do you like it so much?

9/8 - In our highly industrialized country, sometimes we forget about
                      or overlook the beauty of nature.  Describe your favorite place
                      in nature.

9/11 - Do you think there is too much or too little emphasis placed on
                 sports here at Taconic?

9/12 - Do you believe that violence on TV promotes violence in every-

                    day life?  Explain. 

9/13 - Do you think field trips are an essential part of your education?   

9/14 - If Taconic High School was given a very large donation of 

                      $1,000,000, how do you think it should be spent?

9/14 - Some countries require all citizens to serve in the military for
                      one year or more. Do you think the US should have a similar 
                      policy?  Why or why not?

9/18 - What would you like to be?

9/19 - Do you think dropping out of school is a catastrophe, or 

                    something that everyone has the right to do?  Explain.

9/20 - How safe do you feel in school?  Have you had any experiences
                       have shaken your confidence?  Do you have any proposals for
                       making Taconic High School even safer?

9/21 - Describe your perfect meal?

9/22 - If you were given three wishes, what would you wish for?

9/25 - Are big families (8-10 kids) better than small families?  Why or why
                  not?  Explain.
9/26 - If someone discovered a formula that would enable us to live 

                   forever, would that be a blessing or a curse?  Would you want to
                   live forever?

9/27 - Some teachers believe that all students should have access to
                       computers.  Others think that computer use in the classroom
                       is overrated and may even interfere with learning?  What is 
                       your opinion?

9/28 - Describe your ideal vacation.
9/29 - What makes a better pet, a dog or a cat?  Explain.

10/2 - Some of our states have the death penalty, others don’t.  What is
                 your opinion about the death penalty?
10/3 - Describe your favorite sport or hobby.

10/4 - Do you think you, and all people in general, should be entitled to
                    have your birthday off from work or school?  Why or why not?

10/5 - Who is your favorite musician, or band?  Why are they your
                      favorite?  Have you even seen them in concert?

10/6 - If you could meet any person in history, who would you meet? 
                      Why would you choose that person?  What would you want to
                      talk to him/her about?

Fri  10/9 - Sometimes something negative turns out to be positive.  Describe
                 a time when you experienced such a blessing in disguise.

10/10 - From the time we are toddlers we challenge authority. 
                       Describe a time when you challenged authority.

10/11 - Tell about a time when you received a wonderful or valuable

10/12 - If you could have any super power, what would it be?  Why?

10/13 - On a scale of 1-10, how responsible are you.  Why do you give
                    yourself this grade?

10/16 - Some say that what a person wears, by choice or necessity,
                      reveals a lot about them.  What do you think?  Do clothes say
                      something about people, or are they less important than that?

10/17 - Suppose you bought a lottery ticket and won $1,000,000.  What
                       would you do with the money?

10/18 - According to some commentators, winning should not be the
                         paramount goal in sports competition.  The paramount goal
                         should be enjoyment, physical activity and dedication.  What
                         do you think?

10/19 - What is your definition of success?  Lots of money?  Nice
                        family? Fame?

10/20 - Some people believe that emails and texts promote
                    communication.  Others believe computer communication 
                    smothers our development of interpersonal skills.  What do you

10/23 - Most of us have done something that we didn’t want to because of peer            
                       pressure.   Tell about a time when you gave in to peer 

10/24 - What foreign country would you like to visit most?  Spain,
                       France, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Ireland? Why?

10/25 - Describe a vegetable that you truly dislike and why you don’t
                        like it.

10/26 - What’s the best restaurant in Pittsfield?  What do you like to
                         eat there?

 10/27 - no journal

10/30 - If you were asked to write a brochure to attract visitors to
                   Pittsfield, what would you highlight: the beautiful scenery, the
                   great skiing, the various cultural activities, or something else? 

10/31 - Describe the best Halloween costume you ever wore, or ever

11/1 - Who was the best president in American history?  Why do you
                     think so?

11/2 - Many people think that American society is too competitive.  Do
                      you or disagree with this?

11/3 - Many parents give their children an allowance regardless of
                       behavior.  They believe it teaches children financial
                       responsibility.  Others give an allowance only as a reward for 
                       completing chores, or when they behave properly.  Explain
                       what you think parents should do.

Quarter Two (42 entries)

Fri  11/6 - What band or solo artist would be the best to play at Taconic? 
                 Why?  Should they play a dance or a concert in the gym?

Mon     11/9     If you could change three things about Taconic, what would you

Tues     11/10   

Thurs    11/12  Some people go right to college after high school.  Others take a year
                         or more off to work or travel.  Which do you think is a better choice?
                         Diagram - The County Champion shared her prize cake with her

Fri        11/13  On some talk shows today, guests and audience members often argue
                         heatedly with each other and have even gotten hurt.  In your opinion,
                         do today’s talk shows go too far?

Mon     11/16  Do surveillance cameras in public places violate our right to
                         Explain.  Should we have more or fewer of these cameras?

Tues    11/17   Is an “eye for an eye” a good basis for determining n appropriate
                         punishment?  Why or why not?

Weds   11/18   When studying or reading, is soft music a distraction for you or a
                         source of relaxation?

Thurs    11/19  “Look before you leap.”  What does this mean to you?  Agree?  Have
                          you ever looked carefully before doing something?

Fri         11/20  What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving Day meal?

Mon      11/23  On Thanksgiving Day, do most people give thanks for things or just
                          party?  Why?

Tues      11/24 Why do you think Harry Potter is so popular among readers?

Thanksgiving Break

Mon      11/30 More and more American are choosing to eliminate meat from their
                          diets and become vegetarians.  Do you think this is a good idea?

Tues      12/1   At one time students were required to say the pledge of allegiance. 
                          Now it is voluntary.  Should students be required to say the pledge,
                          should it remain voluntary, or should the practice be completely

Weds     12/2   “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”      
                          Explain this quote.  Do you think it is true?

Thurs     12/3   What are the best three things about Taconic High School?

Fri          12/4     Some science fiction stories deal with the possibility of being able 
                            to “design” our children by choosing specific physical and              
                            personality traits.  Do you think this is a good idea?

Mon       12/7     In your opinion, should people with a criminal record those found
                           guilty of a crime be allowed to run for political office?  Does it  
                           depend on the crime?  Murder?  Bank robbery?  Arson?

Tues       12/8   Would you prefer to be with someone you love more, or someone
                          who loves you more?

Weds      12/9   Some people play it safe.  Others take chances.  Tell about a time
                          when you took a chance.

Thurs      12/10  The accomplishment I am most proud of is…

Fri           12/11  Is happiness a choice?

Mon        12/14  What can the individual do to help protect the environment?

Tues        12/15  How should the airlines increase security?  Should they even worry
                            about security?

Weds       12/16  At what age should people be allowed to smoke?

Thurs       12/17  Should we continue to explore space?

Fri            12/18  During the holiday season, images of Santa Clause are everywhere. 
                            However, some people believe that children should not be led to
                            believe Santa Clause is real.  What do you think?  Explain.

Mon         12/21  What was your favorite game when you were a kid?  Why?

Tues         12/22  Explain your family’s tradition for opening gifts around the 

Holiday Break

Mon         1/4  Explain how you discovered there was no such thing as Santa Clause?

Tues         1/5  What is your favorite thing to eat during the Holidays?

Weds        1/6  Coke or Pepsi?  Why? 

Thurs        1/7  Many people immigrate to the United States because they believe that
                         it is better than their native country.  In fact, many believe that the
                         United States is the best country in the world.  Do you agree?

Fri            1/8  Certain key experiences help us mature from children into young
                         adults.  Describe one of these experiences in your life.

Mon         1/11  Is a good education a right or a privilege?  Explain.

Tues         1/12  Should standards for public schools be higher, lower, or are they 
                           just right?  Explain.

Weds        1/13  If you had to live one day over and over again, which day would 
                            you choose?

Thurs       1/14  How much pride do you take in your own work?  Do you think it’s
                            important to take pride everything you do, or just some things?

Fri            1/15  Would you accept a shorter summer vacation if you had longer 
                            winter breaks?  Explain.

Tues         1/19  Should the government control advertising?

Weds        1/20  What’s better, spicy food or sweet food?  Why?

Thurs        1/21    Is cloning a violation of the natural order of things, or the natural
                             progression of science and Human evolution?   Explain.

Fri            1/22   Many high schools around the country now require students
                            to spend a certain number of hours each term doing volunteer work
                            or community service.  Does this promote good citizenship, or is
                            forced volunteerism worthless?  Explain.

Mon         1/25   Today there are more and more reality TV shows on television.  Do
                           you think they make for good television?  Why or why not?

Tues         1/26   Some people like to live in the quiet of the country; others prefer
                           the hustle and bustle of the city.  Which do you think is a better
                           choice? Why?

Weds        1/27   Do you think elderly people should have to reapply for a driver’s
                           license because of diminished sight, hearing and reaction time? 
                           Explain why or why not.

Thurs       1/28  Give someone a fish and he eats a meal.  Teach someone how to f ish
                          and he eats for a lifetime.” Is this saying true?

Fri            1/29  What would you do to improve Pittsfield?  A sports arena, a
                          concert hall, more shopping opportunities?

Quarter Three (39 Entries)

Mon    2/1      Every year millions of people visit zoos around the world.  But some
                       people believe that zoos are inhumane and that animals should not be
                       kept in captivity.  What do you think?

Tues    2/2      Is the Superbowl a big deal or is it just another game?  Are you
                       planning on watching it?  What is your opinion on the huge amount of
                       money companies pay to advertize during the game? 

Weds   2/3      In your opinion, do professional athletes make too much money?

Thurs   2/4      Describe the various uses of the internet.

Fri        2/5      How would entertain a group of five year olds on a rainy afternoon?

Mon     2/8      Describe how the weather affects your mood?

Tues     2/9      It is often said there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Tell about a time
                        when you overcame one of your fears.

Weds   2/10    We all need help from time to time.  Tell about a time when you 
                        needed help from someone.

Thurs   2/11   Frequently, novels are turned into movies.  Tell about a book you have
                       read that has been turned into a movie.

Fri        2/12   Discuss a public health concern that you think requires immediate

Mon     2/22   Your parents tell you that you can choose the location anywhere in the
                       world – for February vacation.  Where would you choose?  Why?

Tues     2/23   Explain the meaning of diversity.

Weds    2/24   What was your favorite game when you were a kid?  Why?

Thurs    2/25   Is showing appreciation for your parents important?  How have you
                        shown appreciation to your own parents?

Fri         2/26   What’s the best thing you have ever gotten for your birthday?  Why
                        did you like it so much?  Who gave it to you?

Mon      2/29   If you could meet a famous actor, who would you meet?  Why?

Tues      3/1     In the US the drinking age is 21.  In Europe it’s 18.  Why do you  
                        think so?  What do you think is better?  Why?

Weds     3/2     Is buying a fur unethical?  Would you buy one?

Thurs     3/3     Is 16 and a half a good age for a driver’s license?  Why or why not?

Fri          3/4     Do you think that the SATs provide an accurate measurement of
                         how a student will do in college?

Mon       3/7    “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” (Thomas Edison). 
                         What does this mean?  Do you agree?

Tues       3/8    There is a saying that you should be careful what you wish for because
                         you just might get it.  What does this mean?  Have you ever wished
                         for anything, got it, and then wished you hadn’t?

Weds      3/9    What kinds of things do you buy online?  How about your family?  In
                         future, do you think that most things will be purchased online?

Thurs      3/10  What adjective describes you perfectly?  Explain.

Fri           3/11  If you were to get a gift from your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day,
                         which would you prefer, chocolate, flowers, or jewelry?  Why?

Mon        3/14  Is it OK to buy a paper online and hand it in as if it were yours?

Tues        3/15  Are field trips an important part of public education?

Weds       3/16  Describe your most unique/best personal quality.

Thurs       3/17  What’s better, MacDonald’s or Burger King?  Why?

Fri            3/18  Many Americans watch 6 hours of TV per day?  How much TV 
                          is too much?  How much is OK?

Mon         3/21  Many schools have dogs come in to sniff lockers as a part of their
                          war on drugs.  Is this a good idea?  What’s your opinion?

Tues         3/22  What is your favorite all time movie?  Why do you like it so 

Weds        3/23  Should web sites with inappropriate content be censored by parents? 
                          Why or why not?

Thurs        3/24  Do you think that there is life on other planets?

Mon          3/28  If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things  
                           would you bring with you for your survival?

Tues          3/29  Describe your ideal car.

Weds         3/30  What’s the best invention ever?

Thurs         3/31 What’s the best junk food?  Doritos, potato chips, buffalo flavor

Fri             4/1   Would you rather be rich or famous?  Why?

Quarter Four (44 entries)

Mon           4/4  Describe the person you most admire.  It could be a family member,
                          a well-known actor or musician, a coach?

Tues           4/5  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
                          A dancer, a singer, a football player…?

Weds         4/6       

Thurs         4/7  Is it OK to conduct tests on animals?  Why or why not?

Fri              4/8  Describe a funny, scary or weird dream you have had.

Mon           4/11 If you could one piece of advice to some in history, what would it 
                           be? Who would you share it with, Hitler, John Lennon, Lincoln,   
                           Martin Luther King, etc…?

Tues          4/12  Say your best friend is considering taking steroids. How would you
                           persuade him/her not to do that?

Weds         4/13  If you could design one room in your house to suit only     
                           your needs, what would it look like?  What color, texture, items,

Thurs         4/14 One of the best decisions I ever made was…

Fri             4/14  If you and your best friend could have a limo for 24 hours, where
                           would you go?

April Vacation

Mon         4/25  What would you do if you were the President of the United States?

Tues         4/26  What are the five most important qualities in a best friend?

Weds        4/27  A restaurant in New York has its customers give up their cell phones
                         when they enter for their entire mealtime. Could you eat at this
                         restaurant? Why or why not?

Thurs        4/28 What is you favorite holiday?  What makes this holiday so special?

Fri            4/29  What would happen if animals could talk?  What would you like to 
                          ask them?  What would your pets say?

Mon        5/2   What would happen if you found a large amount of gold buried in
                        your back yard?

Tues        5/3   How big of a problem is bullying here at Taconic High School?  What
                        about cyber bullying?

Weds       5/4   What would you do if you were out to eat and found bugs in your

Thurs       5/5   What would you do if you found $20 in the street?  How about $100?

Fri            5/6   If you could take only 3 people with you on a trip around the world,
                         who would you take?  Why?

Mon         5/9   If you could break any record in the Guinness Book of World
                         Records, which one would be the coolest to break? 

Tues        5/10  Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever seen one?

Weds       5/11  What famous actor would you like to have at your next birthday

Thurs       5/12  What is more important, appearance or personality?

Fri            5/13  What is your favorite kind of movie: horror, detective, love stories,
                          action, drama?  Give an example.

Mon         5/16  What advice would you give a group of incoming freshmen?

Tues         5/17 What talents do you have?  (What do you think you are good at?)

Weds        5/18  I wish I had enough money to…

Thurs        5/19 The second week of May is “National Pet Week.”  Dogs are 
                          America’s most popular pet.  Why do you think so many
                          people in America own dogs?  If you have a dog, what do you enjoy
                          most about them?  If you don’t have a dog, would you like to own
                          one?  Why or why not?
Fri             5/20 Today is national chocolate chip day.  To what degree is it necessary 
                          to celebrate the chocolate chip?

Mon          5/23 Do you play a musical instrument?  What do you play?  If not,
                          what instrument would you like to learn?

Tues          5/24 Would you prefer to see a movie in a traditional cinema or at a drive 

Weds         5/25 Do cell phones in school enhance or inhibit education?

Thurs        5/26  Year in and year out, new words are added to the dictionary. 
                           Recently "webinar" was added.  What new word(s) might be added
                           this year?

Fri             5/27   Many people remember Babe Ruth as the best baseball player ever. 
                            What would you like to be remembered for?

Tues          5/31  You are a children's book writer.  Write the first few lines of your
                           new book.

Weds         6/1  Describe something expensive that you feel people waste money on.

Thurs         6/2  Describe a video game that perfectly describes your life.

Fri              6/3  What is something that fascinates you or piques your curiosity. 
                          What is so interesting about it?

Mon           6/6  What is your biggest pet peeve?

Tues           6/7  List five reasons you would make a great lawyer.

Weds          6/8 Have you ever experienced deja vu?  Describe the experience.

Thurs          6/9 In what ways are you above average?

Fri              6/10 Do you believe in big foot?  Why or why not?

Mon           6/13 Describe the perfect pizza in detail.

Tues           6/14 Describe the feeling on the last day of school.