Mr. Smith

None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an afterthought.  Be silly.  Be kind.  Be weird.  There's no time for anything else.   
                                                                                       Anthony Hopkins                                         

                                       Policies & Expectations

Be Respectful
You are expected to be respectful toward other students and the teacher at all times.  

Strive for Excellence
You are expected to do your very best on all of your assignments.

Be on time
You are expected to arrive to class on time every day.

You are expected to come to class with a notebook - preferably a three ring binder - whatever text we are reading at the time, and something to write with.

Classroom Procedures
The first thing you will do when you arrive to class is complete your "do-now" journal. Your entries will be counted each quarter.  Your journal is graded as a test.  Next, as a class we will go new vocabulary.  Then we will get into the day's lesson.

Classroom Guidelines
All Taconic High School Rules will be followed.  No abusive language, no hats, no wandering around the room, no excessive talking.

Attendance Policy
Too many absences will negatively affect your grade.  Any and all absences over 12 must be made up with the Taconic High School Attendance Officer.  The work required to recover the missing credit will be assigned by Mr. Smith.  These assignments must be signed by the attendance officer to receive credit.  


Your grade will be based on the following academic criteria:
Exams and Papers - 30%
Quizzes - 35%
Participation - 20%
Homework - 10%
Benchmark Tests - 5%