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Taconic High School National Honor Society Policy

General: Juniors, and reconsidered seniors are to be formally selected in the fall of their junior and senior years . They are to be selected on the basis of the cumulative GPA reported at the close of their sophomore and junior years respectively . That cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 90 .0 or above.


1 . In the event that a senior whose cumulative GPA was not 90.0 or above by the end of their junior year, yet had achieved a cumulative GPA of 90 .0 or above by the close of the 1st quarter of their senior year, that student may, at the discretion of the NHS advisory board, be listed as a member of the NHS . However, circumstances and timing may not allow for those senior students to take part in that year’s induction ceremony .


2 . For the purposes of selection, School Counseling Department, Powerschool and Student Personnel Office are to be contacted by the THS NHS Advisory Board to check for plagiarizing write-up slips and/or other offenses against the school rules for which a student would have been suspended, or otherwise disciplined etc. If a potential candidate has a write-up for plagiarizing in 9th grade, but nothing since that time, he/she would still receive an invitation to join the NHS . If he/she has been written up for plagiarizing/cheating in grades 10-12, no invitation will be issued. If the potential candidate was suspended any time after 9th grade for any offense, during his/her enrollment at Taconic High School, that student would not be eligible for NHS membership.


3 . If a current NHS member is caught cheating and/or plagiarizing, or he/she is suspended for any reason, he/she will be dismissed from the NHS . At the date of the dismissal, membership in the NHS will be removed from his/her transcript.


4. If an NHS member student does not comply with any of the agreements within the NHS Expectations and Contract, he/she may receive a letter home or may have his/her membership status revoked at the discretion of the NHS Advisory Board.


5. If it comes to the attention of the THS NHS Advisory Board, from a reliable source, that a Taconic student has been seen outside of school engaged in an illegal activity, the Board will investigate . The results of that investigation will have direct bearing on whether or not a student will be invited to join the NHS.


6. The Plagiarizing/Cheating policy which is published in the Taconic High School Student Hand- book is hereby made a part of this policy.


7. Students transferring in from other schools and who have been members of the NHS in their former schools, will be accepted automatically in the THS NHS. Their former school's counseling department will be contacted and the student’s NHS membership in her/his former school will be verified. Membership in the THS NHS would have no bearing on the new student's rank or lack of class ranking at Taconic.


8. If a junior or a senior has a cumulative GPA of 90 or above AND elects to attend courses at BCC (or another comparative institution), they could still be selected as an applicant to the NHS. However, solely for the purposes of the THS NHS, those students’ GPAs would only be calculated on the basis of their THS classes. Periodic examination of their transcripts from BCC will be made by their school counselors, and if they are found to be dropping academically or otherwise at BCC, their future membership in the NHS may be re-considered by the THS NHS Advisory Board, at the Board’s discretion .


9. For an initiated member of the NHS to remain an NHS member throughout the remainder of his/ her high school career, he or she should not drop below a cumulative GPA of 90 . However, if a member does drop below a cumulative GPA of 90 but remains above a cumulative GPA of 88 he/ she will be considered on probation (see below) . It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their own cumulative GPA . If their cumulative GPA drops below an 88 at any time during the probationary period, his/her membership will be revoked .


10. The THS NHS Advisory Board will be composed of the NHS advisor(s), the Principal and the Dean of Students.




Juniors’ Probation:

If a junior’s cumulative GPA for the final quarter of their junior year is a 90 or above, the member will be removed from his/her probationary status and will recover his/her full NHS membership status. However, if the junior’s cumulative GPA for the final quarter of their junior year is NOT 90 or above, that student will have his/her membership revoked .


Seniors’ Probation:

If a senior’s cumulative GPA drops below a 90 but remains above an 88 during the first or second quarter of their senior year, they will be considered to be on probation during that time . If their cumulative is still an 88 .9 or below by the close of their 3rd quarter, they will not graduate with NHS honors . But if at the close of a senior’s 3rd quarter, their cumulative GPA is an 89 .0 or above, they will graduate with full NHS honors. No member’s nomination to be an NHS officer will be accepted if he/she is on probation .





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Taconic High School Library - Mission

The mission of the Taconic High School Library is to provide a safe learning community where students demonstrate a strong work ethic and utilize 21st century skills as they strive for success.

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The goal of Taconic High School Library is to ensure that students graduate with the information literacy skills necessary to become thoughtful, productive and socially responsible individuals.

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