Latin Classes
Latin 1

This class introduces the student to the basic elements of the language and gives an overview of Roman culture.  A variety of topics are explored including Roman family, clothing, the home, and other aspects of Roman daily life.  We also explore how Latin is connected to English and how Roman culture influences our lives today.  Students use the Ecce Romani I textbook.

Latin 2

This class continues to build on the basic elements of the Latin language and Roman culture.  Students will continue to work on vocabulary, English derivatives, grammar, history, and culture.  A variety of topics will be discussed including food, education, mythology, and games.  Students will use the Ecce Romani I and II texts.

Latin 3

Students will continue their study of the Latin language and Roman culture.  Students will finish the Ecce Romani II text and topics will include Roman baths, history, and mythology.  Students will then begin to read authentic Latin literature from authors such as Plautus, Cicero, and Caesar to further explore Roman culture and history.

Latin 4

Students continue their study of Latin language and Roman culture by reading  authentic texts written by real Romans.  Authors will include Cicero, Horace, Catullus, Ovid, and Vergil.  

AP Latin

Students will read selections from Vergil's Aeneid and Caesar's De Bello Gallico. This course is designed to enable students to be successful on the AP Latin exam.  Class discussion and analysis of text will focus on several themes including literary style, Roman values, leadership, and history.

AP Latin Class 2014-15 Google Drive Folder

Grade Policy

Participation - 30% - includes homework, classwork, and daily participation in class
Quizzes - 40% - lowest quiz grade dropped each quarter.  no pop quizzes
Tests/Projects - 30% - tests and projects always announced